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We realise your plant from planning and development to on-site assembly.

In over 20 years, we have become one of the leading plant manufacturers in the field of enamelling technology. We have already realised numerous projects worldwide. We offer our customers everything around enamelling technology – from individual single solutions to complete enamelling plants.

Plant components

Our portfolio includes pretreatment plants, coating and drying plants, and enameling furnaces. In doing so, we offer you tailor-made solutions entirely according to your individual needs.

Pretreatment plants

Proper pretreatment is crucial for optimal coating of your products. Coating defects can often be traced back to insufficient pretreatment of the products. To ensure that pretreatment can be carried out efficiently and reliably, we analyze the type and degree of contamination of your products. Based on these and other parameters, we determine the right pretreatment for your products.
In addition, we attach great importance to the careful use of our resources. We pay attention to an optimal use of water, so that the need for fresh water and water treatment is significantly reduced.

Our portfolio comprises

  • Spray pretreatment for cavities, boilers, flatware and panels
  • Immersion pretreatment for boilers
  • Spray technology for boilers, cast parts and panels
  • Waste water treatment plants
  • Oil separator

Coating (Application) plants

We offer numerous solutions tailored to your needs. Depending on the scope of your product portfolio and your production output, you can choose between fully automated, semi-automated or manual coating processes.

Our portfolio comprises:

  • PU-Esta systems
  • Wet-Esta systems
  • Automatic coating by means of lifting devices and/or robot use
  • Manual coatings by hand spray gun
  • Dryer
  • Hanger cleaning cabins (Hanger banger)
  • Ready-to-use systems

Conveyor systems + Transfer facilities

Power & Free (P&F)

Power & Free conveyor systems offer a high degree of flexibility for in-plant material flow. Our P&F systems enable you to optimally control process flows by offering the possibility to store, sort or selectively introduce your products into the production flow.


The circular conveyor is a closed system with a predefined speed, which is adjusted accordingly to your production process. Our circular conveyors are suitable for almost all product categories. In addition, simple adaptations to changed framework conditions are effortlessly possible.


It is also important that your products can be further processed between the various process sequences. For this purpose, we offer you numerous options to ensure an optimal material flow, such as chain hoists, manipulators and lifting devices.

Enamelling furnace

We have been building and developing enamelling furnaces for over 20 years. They are a strong part of our core business. Every furnace is unique, because it is designed and constructed according to your requirements. We pay special attention to efficiency and durability. This also includes always keeping our finger on the pulse of time. That is why we offer not only gas-fired furnaces, but also electrically heated and hybrid solutions with gas and hydrogen.

Our portfolio comprises:

  • Continuous reversing furnaces
  • Step-reversal- and Step-tunnel furnaces
  • Chamber furnaces

Project planning

We accompany you from the first project enquiry, through the selection of the right technology, to the realization of your project.

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    We are the competent counterpart for our customers when it comes to developing new plants or optimizing existing plants. In doing so, we accompany you from the offer phase to the complete commissioning. In addition, we offer you the maintenance of your systems and supply you with the right spare parts if required.

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    Technology Selection

    Due to our many years of experience in enamelling technology and the constant exchange with our customers, we are always close to practice. Based on this experience, we have the opportunity to offer you tailor-made solutions according to your needs.



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    Our own design department plans and constructs new production plants according to your requirements. This results in individually planned plants that are precisely tailored to your needs.

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    Energy saving / efficiency measures

    It is particularly important to us to protect our environment and our resources. For this reason, we make sure that we always use the latest and most efficient technologies in our plants and constantly optimize our supply chains and processes.



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    Procedural adaptation

    You already have an existing plant, but your production conditions have changed? No problem, we will adapt your existing production facilities to the changed conditions.